Pete’s Birthday Pub Crawl (still a backlog)

This was a tough one because there was no guarantee that a given pub would have a different drop at every one. I captured most….but not all.

Beer #19: Box Steam Piston Broke (England)


ABV: 5% Nice name to start the afternoon

Beer #20: Dawkins Bristol Best (England)


ABV: 4% Bitter

Beer #21: Pumpkin Ale (England)


ABV: 3.8% From Everards Brewery in Leicestershire

Beer #22: Tiny Rebel One Inch Punch (Wales)


ABV: 3.9% IPA

Beer #23 Veltins Pilsener (Germany)


ABV: 4.8% I think this was nice

Beer #24 Hogs Back Hogstar (England)


ABV: 4.5% Pilsener

Beer #25 St Austell Tribute (England)


ABV: 4.2%

Beer #26 Sharps Cornish Pilsner (England)


ABV: 5.2% The last stop. I had 2 pints of this. Twas gooood.

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