The backlog………..

So, the problem is that like all good intentions in my life, they are inevitably procrastinated upon or delayed for no good reason.

So what follows is a quickfire bash through material collected but not yet reported on. Obviously this is going to have issues but in the longterm…meh.

I will be keeping a log/doc of all the beers with relevant statistics from henceforth.

I started with a worthy kick-start…….not.

In my defence, it fit the brief ie. Not yet tasted, new, quality not necessary. I fear this last condition will evolve over time…..


Beer #1.
Bud Light Lime.
Alc: 4.0%
Price: £4.11/6 pack in Co-op

What? A cynical cash-in by the US beer giant into the ‘summer’ lager category.
Describes itself as ‘Light beer with natural lime flavour’.

Expectations: Cold and possibly refreshing?

Verdict: My wife likes Lime and Soda. A watery, lightly carbonated, subtly flavoured lime beverage. This is Bud Light Lime and Soda.
Is there any indication it is beer? Only on the label. Almost no after taste apart from a brief tinge of the lime. A watery disappointment.

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