Beer #52 Butcombe Haka (England)


ABV: 4.5%
Style: Golden Ale

Ferocious Maori? This cask ale uses New Zealand hops but I wouldn’t consider it a ferocious drop. Slight kiwifruit tang but overall,
a smooth golden.


Beer #51 Hobsons Old Prickly (England)


ABV: 4.2%

Style: Bitter

Snuffly Hedge Grog. This is a charity beer set up for the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. Hoppy with a tinge of lemon. This is a subtley sweet beer, that leaves you wanting a little more.

Beer #50 Coors Light (USA)

IMG_20141110_184101 (474x640)

ABV: 4.2% ¬†Fighting it out with the Bud Light which started this blog for the worst beer of the year (and several years before). But I hadn’t had it before and I had tried everything else on this particular menu.


Beer #49 Bristol Beer Factory – Movember

IMG_20141105_191538 (474x640)

ABV: Not sure, probably 4.8%. This is an Oatmeal stout, dark and slightly burnt. A charity beer purchased by donation for a limited time only.


Beer #48 Leffe Ruby (Belgium)

IMG_20141108_212919 (480x640)

ABV: 5% Much like the Hoegarden Pink stuff. Yep.


Beer #47 McEwans Champion (England)

IMG_20141109_223343 (480x640)

ABV: 7.3% Scotch Ale. Caramel flavours with slight citrus, but this is a GOOD GOOD beer. Drink more.


Beer #46 Shipyard IPA (USA)

IMG_20141106_225913 (474x640)

ABV: 5.8% IPA with some hops, nothing special but came at the right price from Tesco.